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Ida Hasselmann, born 1980, is an abstract artist living close to the sea. Her work is strongly influenced by the energy of the ocean and the nature surrounding her. Originally from Germany she settled down a few years ago in Ericeira, a small fishing town on Portugal’s Westcoast close to Lisbon, full of magic and energy. Living close to the sea and connecting with nature drives her and her creativity. Painting is her medium to transfer all these impressions. Mainly using acrylics, she also uses mineral elements like sand or water to express her deep connection to nature and water, elements she is surrounded by nearly every day as a surfer. 


Creativity was always part of her life, but not always full time. Her vita consists of the same change and movement you can find in her paintings and her style: Painting with water color during her time in school, she learned many more techniques during her studies of fashion and design management. Having the big desire to travel the world and the dream to fly an airplane she decided to combine both and became a commercial airline pilot. After years of travelling, her passion for surfing and the desire of settling down close to the ocean brought her to Portugal, where she now lives and works as a full time artist - Changes are chances for transformation. Change is flow and movement, like her paintings. Leaving her corporate job behind in 2020, and focussing only on painting, had a huge impact on her creativity.

With her art, Ida also wants to inspire others to follow their visions, opening the door to a new room through the process of creating and also through connecting with nature.

"All you need is already within you. I like to observe, how my environment, feelings and especially the energies which surround me find their way on the canvas. My paintings are not what I obviously see, it’s the energy I feel.


/ 2023 September / Group Exhibition "Perspectives"

Xuventude de Galicia - Centro Galego de Lisboa, Portugal

/ 2023 August / Group Exhibition "Sea, Sand and Soul: Modern Expressions in Ericeira."

Centro de Artes / Ericeira, Portugal

/ 2023 June / The ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 2.0

Basel, Switzerland


/ 2023 April / The ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 2.0

NYC Artexpo Manhattan / New York, USA

/ 2023 January / Group Exhibition "Mundo Paralelo"

Arca Gallery - Art Gallery THE ONE / Lisbon, Portugal

/ 2022 July / Group Exhibition "Ocean Art"

Surf Film Festival Casa de Cultura / Ericeira, Portugal

/ 2022 June / Group Exhibition "Arte en Rede"

Museo del Mar Santa Pola/ Alicante, Spain

/2022 - Today / Solo Exhibition

Terço do Meio / Ericeira, Portugal

/ 2021 August / Group Exhibition "Ocean Art"

Surf Film Festival Casa de Cultura / Ericeira, Portugal


/ 2021 - Today / Solo Exhibition

Mar das Latas / Ericeira, Portugal

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